Five Special Leuven Souvenirs

We are pleased to present you with the best quality, specially designed Leuven gifts suitable for every budget.

Leuven is the capital of Belgium’s Flemish Brabant region. It is also home to one of the oldest universities in Europe! The university attracts students, academicians, and researchers from nearly 190 different nations. This makes Leuven a very vibrant city.

As the Catchy family, we wanted to bring together the visitors and residents of this beautiful city with souvenirs symbolizing the city.

We believe in that city souvenirs are an important tool for keeping memories alive, remembering good times and sharing those moments with your loved ones. Catchy has a wide variety of gift options from its Leuven collection that you can choose from.

This series of articles are prepared to inspire you when choosing Leuven souvenirs. Since our catalogues are constantly renewed, we will continue to share with you the products we sell the most every season.

Here is the list of our best-selling products for the summer season of 2023.


1. Poster “Oude Markt”

What better way to decorate your home than with posters of your favourite city? The ‘Oude Markt’ poster is the top-selling product in our poster collection! If your friends or family are interested in home decoration items, this iconic view of the Oude Markt of Leuven could take their room decor to another level! It is visualised in a modern, line art style on a print which is very visually appealing to the eye.

All the posters in our collection are available in two sizes. You can get the small size for table decoration whereas the bigger size would be the perfect choice for wall decor.

You can choose your favorite poster from our collection.


2. Souvenior Postcards 'Leuven Landmark Series' 

There is still a charm to sending and receiving postcards. That's why this tradition still lives on.

Catchy has wide Leuven-themed postcards with different artist signatures. We definitely recommend you to see our 'Souvenir Cards' collection. This summer, we have almost finished our 'Leuven Landmark Series' stock of postcards. The good news is that we have restocked in a short time.

What postcards are in the series? Ladeuzeplein, KU Leuven Library, Grote Markt, Oude Markt , Old Town Hall,  and Arenberg Castle


leuven landmark


3. Tote Bag “Old town Hall”

The canvas tote bag is an essential accessory for your everyday needs. Whether exploring a new city or running around along the streets for your daily routine, this stylish tote bag would be the perfect company for you or your loved ones in their daily routine.

All our tote bag models are very popular. We thank you. However, this summer, the 'Old Town Hall' patterned tote bags were among the best-selling tote bags.

Catchy offers a variety of Leuven-themed tote bags; Old Town Hall, KU Leuven Library, Oude Markt, Grote Markt, and Arenberg Castle . You can choose your favorite one!

old town hall



4.  Coffe Mug ' On the Move

Catchy added the coffee mug to its product catalog for the first time this year. The mugs were very popular in this summer. Especially the 'Move on ' themed mug has become one of our best selling products.

Looking for a cute mug for those coffee or tea breaks? Then, see our mug collection with a charming Leuven  illustration. The illustration on the is inspired by the students of Leuven who show the talent of pulling their baggage behind their bikes when going to the train station.

leuven coffee mug 


5. Fridge Magnet “Grote Markt ”

Leuven Landmarks Magnet series was the top seller of this summer. A cute, classic souvenir that is easy to carry. The best-selling among them is Grote Markt drawn one in this summer.

Souvenir magnets can serve as a pleasant reminder of your travels and adventures. Catchy offers various designs of ceramic fridge magnets with Leuven city-themed illustrations which will be the perfect addition to your place.

There are more magnets in our collection? Ladeuzeplein, KU Leuven Library, Grote Markt, Oude Markt , Old Town Hall,  and Arenberg Castle.

grote markt leuven


With many more gift ideas to discover, Catchy aims to remain an inspiration for all who wants to keep their connections with Leuven alive.

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