Five Special Leuven Souvenirs

Leuven is the capital of Belgium’s Flemish Brabant region. It is also home to one of the oldest universities in Europe! The university attracts students, academicians, and researchers from nearly 190 different nations. This makes Leuven a very vibrant city with many histories and cultures.

And to keep the memories of their visits alive, many people love to take away with them a souvenir of the city, either to remind them of the good times or to share it with their loved ones.

If you love to travel, you must understand why souvenirs are important. They are reminders of the beauty and charm of a place or the memories that you made in this place. Souvenirs reconnect you with the city they represent so one can feel proud to own them. They also help you keep those memories fresh and vibrant for years to come. In addition, they make wonderful gifts for family and friends as well!

One of the best places you can visit to get Leuven souvenirs is the Catchy online store.

Catchy is dedicated to delivering Leuven city landmarks with its unique designs, high-quality and eco-friendly products. Each of the products has its personality and tale, and they're meant to serve as a sparkling reminder of your time in Leuven.

Catchy products represent the combined value of city and art. It is a store dedicated to providing its customers with distinguished products through highly detailed artistic design.

Catchy has a wide variety of gift options from its Leuven collection that you can choose from. 

If you are looking for a gift idea, here are some suggestions from Catchy’s best-selling products of 2022! 

1. Poster “Oude Markt”

What better way to decorate your home than with posters of your favourite city? The ‘Oude Markt’ poster is the top seller product in our poster collection! If your friends or family are interested in home decoration items, this iconic view of the Oude Markt of Leuven could take their room decor to another level! It is visualised in a modern, line art style on a print which is very visually appealing to the eye.

This historical Leuven landmark is famous to be the longest bar in Europe. Buildings decorated with heraldic banners and attractive architecture surround the market square.

It is available in two sizes. You can get the small size for table decoration whereas the bigger size would be the perfect choice for wall decor.


2. Tote Bag “KU Leuven Library”

The canvas tote bag is an essential accessory for your everyday needs. Whether exploring a new city or running around for your daily routine. This stylish, durable and comfortable tote bag would be the perfect company for you or your loved ones in their daily routine. Whether exploring a new city, running errands, or while shopping.

It also illustrates one of the largest squares in Leuven, ‘Ladeuzeplein’ and is made with 100% natural cotton canvas! Therefore, it is an ideal replacement for a plastic bag.

Catchy offers a variety of Leuven-themed tote bags; Ladeuzeplein, KU Leuven Library, Oude Markt and Grote Markt. 

 If you want the best of both worlds, check our bestselling the ‘KU Leuven Library’ illustrated tote bag.



3. Mini Bujo Set

These mini journals feature an illustration of a famous landmark of Leuven, the Old Town Hall, done by professional designers.

The pages can be filled with a list of the books they want to read, and movies they want to watch, or simply tracking habits, or make it a place to meditate!

Also, it can be easily carried around in your bag or pocket due to its mini size!

Catchy offers different design notebook sets but the Mini BuJo Set was the best-selling one in 2022. It can be a wonderful gift choice who like taking notes. Additionally, it comes with a surprise illustration inside to boost your inspiration and creativity.



4. Fridge Magnets “Leuven Landmarks”

Souvenir magnets can serve as a pleasant reminder of your travels and adventures. Catchy offers various designs of ceramic fridge magnets with Leuven city-themed illustrations which will be the perfect addition to your place.

It makes a great souvenir for those who don't want the sights of a city they've seen to fade away. It can be also a thoughtful gift for family and friends.



5. Souvenir Postcards

There is still a charm to sending and receiving postcards. That's why this tradition still lives on.  Even though there are many reasons for writing a postcard, whatever the reason is, your card will always make the person you send it to feel special.

Catchy has wide Leuven-themed postcards with different artist signatures.

You can buy these souvenir postcards for your beloved ones along with our products and make the gift even more unforgettable or buy it for yourself to brighten up your room!

These souvenir cards will be your gift to share your travel with someone you care about.


With many more gift ideas to discover, Catchy aims to remain an inspiration for all who wants to keep their connections with Leuven alive.

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