Our Process

 The selection of landmarks to be drawn, the subject of the illustration and the design of the products belong to Catchy.

Behind the scenes of illustration process: 

Catchy Leuven city illustrations are created by professional designers who have themselves experienced life in that city first-hand. They are working on them meticulously by initiating with detailed search then proceeding with digital sketching.

Our products represent an important value of 'Catchy' which is City & Art. We are dedicated to providing you with distinguished products through highly detailed artistic design.

Process of sketching an illustration
We are currently collaborating with Barek Studio and the designers share exactly the same mindset when it comes to combining cities and art. Their approach to city design is already reflected in all the illustrations.

Drawing a city illustration on a tablet



Sketching on a tablet



 Behind the scenes of tote bag sewing process: 

tote bag sewing

Catchy's tote bags with landmark illustrations are meticulously sewn by Zeytindali Women's Cooperative, which operates in Turkey and supports women's economic empowerment. The members of the atelier have a certificate of competence in bag sewing. Every step of the production processes of the bags; the selection of fabrics, model cutting, sewing, post-production controls are thoroughly done by them.

Thus , we offer our hand-made bags to your liking with peace of mind.


We thank you 'Zeytindalı' women's cooperative for their meticulous and hard work on Catchy products! 

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