The 8 cafes of Leuven for Enjoying Coffee and Dessert

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Leuven is a vibrant university town that attracts many young people. This makes life here lively and filled with numerous pleasures. One of the quintessential experiences of the city is its café culture, which provides a space for socializing with friends, reading a book, enjoying, and studying. Fortunately, Leuven has many cozy cafes and that makes it an enjoyable destination.

Here, I will share my personal insights and highlight some of the features that make Leuven's cafes special. I did not go into details such as coffee brands, coffee menus, prices, or definition of interior design. My aim is to introduce the places, in general, with the aspects that are special to me.

The subject of this blog post is coffee and desserts. If you are one of those who like having dessert along with your coffee as same as me, I prepared a list for you.

The 8 cafes for enjoying coffee and dessert in Leuven.
(Cafe names are in alphabetical order. Not in order of preference. )



I'm a frequent visitor to this lovely cafe, especially for their delicious coffee and dessert. It can be a bit challenging to find a table during peak lunch hours because they offer very tasty food options. They are masters at creating beautifully decorated plates. If you're looking for a charming spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and an inviting waffle this cafe is a must-visit.


CHCO Chocolate Company

chco leuven

True to its name, this cafe is the perfect spot to indulge in delicious chocolate treats and coffee. The star of the show here is the chocolate spoons - a must-try for any chocolate lover. Personally, my favourite spot in the cafe is at one of the tables with a view of the old town hall of Leuven. It's the perfect place to sip your coffee while taking in the magnificent scenery. And if you're looking for something a little more chocolate spoons, be sure to check out the chocolate fondue on the menu - they're hits with my daughters!


Le Graal

 Le Graal leuven

Indulge in a truly Italian coffee experience at this cafe, run by an Italian family. Their menu offers a variety of mouth-watering pancake options, but my personal favourite is the pancake with banana. Tiramisu is another option for me. The cafe's terrace boasts a beautiful view that you can enjoy in any season, and the famous Fonske statue keeps you company as you sip your coffee. It's also a great spot for watching around, adding to the fun of to atmosphere.




When the weather is delightful and a craving for pancakes strikes, there's no way I'd pass up the chance to unwind at this spot. Taking a seat on the cosy terrace along the lively Mechelsestraat is a pure delight.  Seating in the interior might be a challenge because here is mostly full. For lovers of classic American-style fluffy pancakes, this destination is an absolute must-visit. Elevate the indulgence by complementing your pancakes with an array of fruits, ice creams, and creamy yoghurt.

Mr. Crêpe

Mr. Crepe 

I really like pancakes, they're my favourite dessert. I like to bring my friends who are new to Belgium to this place because they have yummy pancakes and waffles. Their menu has lots of good choices; filled with Nutella, cinnamon & sugar, and hot cherries. You can also add ice cream. It's a nice spot to enjoy coffee and dessert together.



 NOSH Leuven

NOSH is one of the first places I stumbled upon in Leuven when I relocated here. I have a particular love for its terrace, which offers a picturesque view of the Old Town Hall of Leuven. As someone who has an affinity for both Nespresso coffee and American pancakes, I add this cosy spot to my list of favourite places in town. There are delicious pancake options available. Given its reputation for serving tasty bagels, it can be quite a challenge to find a seat during breakfast and lunch hours.  


Quetzal Chocolate Bar

Quetzal leuven

Quetzal stands as a unique destination in town, dedicated to serving delightful chocolate treats. One of my personal favourites is the indulgent 'Quetzal fondue. You have options for four distinct chocolates for your fondue; milder taste at 35%, a balanced richness at 55% or 71%, or the creamy sweetness of white chocolate, the choice is yours. Beyond the delectable fondue, their menu boasts a wide variety of chocolate-infused dishes such as moelleux and waffles. It's truly a paradise for all chocolate enthusiasts, making it a definite must-visit spot!


Zuut Café


As soon as you lay eyes on the tarts and pralines at Zuut café, you'll be hooked. At the entrance, I highly recommend taking a few moments to peruse their patisserie section and choose your favourite dessert or chocolate. If you're looking for a cosy spot to catch up with a friend over coffee and something sweet, then this is the place to be. The elegant presentation of their treats is so nice. I always make sure to snap a few photos before indulging myself. 


 By Aslı Tezcan 

The 8 cafes of Leuven for Enjoying Coffee and Dessert