Eight Special Leuven Gift Ideas

"Explore our curated selection of top-quality Leuven gifts tailored to suit every budget.

Situated in Belgium's Flemish Brabant region, Leuven boasts a rich history as home to one of Europe's oldest universities, attracting a diverse community of students, academics, and researchers from around 190 nations. This diversity lends vibrancy to the city's cultural fabric.

At Catchy, we're dedicated to uniting both visitors and residents of this enchanting city through symbolically significant souvenirs. We firmly believe that city souvenirs play a vital role in preserving cherished memories, allowing individuals to reminisce about fond experiences and share them with loved ones.

Our extensive Leuven collection offers a diverse range of gift options, ensuring there's something for everyone. This article aims to inspire your selection of Leuven souvenirs. As our gift catalog is regularly updated, we'll continue to spotlight our most popular seasonal products.

Discover our top-selling products for the year 2023 below."


1. Poster “Oude Markt”

Experience the allure of Leuven's iconic landmarks through our sought-after posters, a perennial favourite each season. Our large-size posters featuring illustrations of Leuven's historical gems continue to be highly popular. Among our best-sellers, this year is the Oude Markt poster, a perennial favourite capturing the essence of this vibrant spot. Capture the essence of memorable moments spent at

Oude Markt with this unique product, perfect for preserving cherished memories. Known as Europe's longest bar, the Oude Markt in Leuven boasts a remarkable charm with its historic buildings. 

You can choose your favorite poster from our collection.


2. Souvenior Postcards 'Leuven Landmark Series' 

"Our Leuven Landmarks postcard set continues to be our top seller, year after year. These postcards beautifully encapsulate the iconic historical treasures of our city, serving as wonderful representations of Leuven for many. It's no surprise that this set remains a bestseller within our postcard series. Each postcard holds the potential to evoke and preserve the cherished memories of your experiences within these remarkable places.

The charm of sending and receiving postcards endures, don't you agree? This enduring tradition lives on, and at Catchy, we embrace it wholeheartedly.

Explore our diverse collection of Leuven-themed postcards, each adorned with artist signatures. 

leuven landmark


3. Tote BagGrote Markt' and 'Oude Markt'

City-specific souvenirs often bring to mind the versatile and stylish tote bags, and it's no exception in our collections. Tote bags were among the initial offerings we curated, and their popularity didn't disappoint. Each bag boasts unique illustrations—have you discovered your favorite among our selection?

Within our collection, we offer five distinctive tote bags, and it's intriguing to note that our Grote Markt and Oude Markt totes stand out as this year's top sellers.

Crafted with care, the tote bags are hand-stitched using premium-quality cotton fabric, ensuring durability and a touch of artistry. To maintain their quality, we recommend washing them in cold water due to the nature of the fabric.



4. Notebook Set 'Grote Markt and Ladeuzeplein'

Although taking notes in notebooks may seem like an old habit, notebooks are still important for many. Writing or drawing in a beautifully designed notebook is a different experience. We continue to design notebooks with different illustrations every year. This year we added spiral notebooks to our collection. However, our classic notebook set continued to be the most popular product. We are very happy that these notebooks, which we liked very much, found a place in your heart as well.

Leuven illustrated notebook; the perfect gift for the one who loves this city. The set covers two notebooks ; one of them with Grote Markt illustration the other with Ladeuzeplein. Both landmarks are very famaous historical corner of Leuven city.  Notebooks made by acid-free paper plain pages and cover with visible hand-made stitching on the spine (Singer sewn binding).



5. Fridge Magnet “Fonske

"City souvenirs often evoke memories, and among the first that come to mind are magnets. These keepsakes serve as delightful reminders of your memories, easily tucked away as a classic souvenir.

However, in our magnet collection, we strive for more than just ordinary magnets. Our specially designed ceramic magnets have garnered immense popularity since their introduction. Particularly, those featuring 'Fonkse' drawings emerged as last year's best-selling magnets."

The Fonske is a statue in the center of Leuven. It was donated to the city on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of the Catholic University of Leuven in 1975.


 6. 'Leuven mood' Mini zipper pouche

Explore our expanding collection of annual additions to our zipper pouches—a perennial favourite among Leuven enthusiasts. Our varied range includes zipper pouches in different sizes, each adorned with distinctive Leuven illustrations. Notably, our best-selling mini-sized zipper pouch of the year has been a remarkable hit, prompting a swift restocking due to high demand. This adorable mini pouch showcases intricate details, forming a unique pattern symbolizing the essence of Leuven. Are you ready to capture the essence of the city?

Designed for convenience, this hand-stitched mini zipper pouch crafted from 100% cotton fabric is perfect for keeping your essentials together—be it keys, money, earphones, or business cards—within your bag.



7. Leuven Souvenior Postcard Set

A top-selling series in the online Catchy shop in 2023. "Explore our postcards showcasing the charming streets and renowned historical landmarks of Leuven, depicted through a colourful and joyful lens. These postcards have been delivered not only in Belgium but also in numerous countries worldwide. It motivated us a lot and we decided to prepare a new edition of this beloved set in 2024.

This set comprises 11 Leuven souvenir cards exclusively designed by Catchy.  Elevate your gift-giving by including these cards for your loved ones along with our other products, creating an unforgettable present!"



8. Leuven Landmarks Ceramic Caster Set

Our ceramic coaster set has become a top choice among this year's most sought-after souvenirs. Renowned for its affordability, appealing aesthetics, and durable build, this set has garnered immense popularity. With the capacity to delight four of your friends with just one set, we're confident they'll adore this gift. Trust us for quality and satisfaction.

This coaster is ready to upgrade your table decor. It is a stylish accessory for resting your drink, serving beverages to your guests in an elegant way, and most importantly, protecting your furniture!



With many more gift ideas to discover, Catchy aims to remain an inspiration for all who wants to keep their connections with Leuven alive.

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Eight Special Leuven Gift Ideas