A Bell Called 'Barbara' in Leuven

The Saint James' Church (Sint-Jacobskerk) is built in Romanesque style between 1220 and 1235 (13th century). Since 1290, only the tower remains of this original church, which is part of the seven wonders of Leuven. The type stone used is sand-lime brick.

The tower has a bell called 'Barbara' on the outside. 

The church closed its doors in 1964 due to stability problems and has been empty ever since. The church was internally propped up to prevent further decay.

Since 2007, there have been plans to completely restore the church and to house a bookshop in it following the Maastricht example. The costs are estimated at 12.5 million euros.

(Source: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sint-Jacobskerk_(Leuven), photo by Aslı Tezcan)

St. James' Church