Old Meeting Hall Begins Its New Life: The Fourth Hotel

The Round Table (Het Tafelrond), from 1479, the building was a meeting place for different guilds in the city of Leuven. 

In 1818 the building was demolished and replaced by a neoclassical building desiged by the Brusselss architect Charles Vander Straeten. It had a meeting and billard room, a restaurant and a concert hall for nearly 1000 people. 


The building was bombed and destroyed during the First World War. After the war, it was rebuilt in its original Gothic style of the architect de Layens and now looks as it did in its first life. From 1930 till 2002, it served as the Leuven branch of the National Bank. The Tafelrond begins its fourth life as a hotel with the name 'The Fourth Hotel'.  The hotel has a cafe with a beautiful Grote Markt view .

(Source : http://www.th4th.com/en, access date: November 2020), Photo by Aslı Tezcan 

The Fourth Hotel Leuven