6 Leuven Instagram Spots

Curious about the best Leuven Instagram spots?  

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Leuven is an incredibly photogenic and instagrammable city with its gothic architecture buildings, historical streets, and lively atmosphere. Anyone with an Instagram feed will be drawn to this destination

Leuven is a popular destination to visit in Vlaams Brabant for many reasons. Apart from being a genuine Flemish city, its highly photogenic characteristic attracts photographers from all over the globe.

Among the many Instagrammable spots in Leuven some of the most inspirational ones are the Gothic Town Hall, the big and the small beguinages and the Botanical Garden to name a few.

We created a list of the 6 best Leuven Instagram spots which will instantly blow up your profile! This pretty city has plenty of interesting spots to offer you.

Here is popular Leuven Spots for you !


1) Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall is one of the best Leuven Instagram spots, located in the grand market.

The impressive building of ‘Old Town Hall of Leuven (Stadhuis ), is one of the most famous gothic town halls in the world. The elegant towers of the town hall are the most iconic image of the city. The construction of the present town hall started in 1439. The exterior masonry and roof were finished in 1460, and in 1469 the whole building was complete. The building remained standing during World War I, with minor damages. In World War II, a bomb strike in front of the building caused yet more damage; it took until 1983 before repairs were completed.

 A photo of the front of the building will certainly carry you off to another era.

a girl standing in at the stairs of Stadhuis in Leuven


2) The Great Beguinage

The Great Beguinage (Groot Begijnhof ) of Leuven is a well-preserved beguinage and completely restored historical quarter containing a dozen streets in the south of downtown Leuven. The Beguinage is in the UNESCO heritage list. About 3 hectares in size, with some 300 apartments in almost 100 houses, it is one of the largest remaining beguinages in the Low Countries. The complete beguinage is owned by the KU Leuven and is part of the campus.

Among the picturesque little houses of the Beguinage, one of the eye catchers is the romantic corner which is popular among couples.

 Historical streets are waiting for you for photo shootings !

 Groot Begijnhof Leuven


 3) Small Beguinage

The cute and tiny street of the Small Beguinage (Klein Begijnhof) is an Insta-worthy sight!

The Small Beguinage of Leuven is a neighbourhood consisting of two dead-end streets. This district was inhabited until the 19th century by beguines. A timid restoration was carried out in the 1990s and a thorough restoration later in the 2000s. After the restoration, the houses were painted white again. About thirty houses in traditional Flemish style remain from this beguinage.



4) Dijleterrassen

There is a beautiful park area just near the bend of the Dyle called the ‘Dyle Terrase’ in Leuven. This gem corner is a pleasant and attractive place to spend time and take spectacular photos. Especially during spring time, you will be pleasantly surprised by the magnolias in the park.  

If you wish, Fierre Margarite statue can also join you in your pose.

A woman posing at the river Dyle in Leuven


5) Botanical Garden

 If you are in the mood for wonderful surprises of nature and explore thousands of amazing plants, the Botanical Garden is at your disposal. 

Leuven’s botanical garden is the oldest one in Belgium. The university of Leuven created this garden for its students of medicine in 1738. The garden boasts countless herbaceous, medicinal, aquatic and potted plants as well as a variety of tropical and subtropical species. 

Botanical garden is one of the most popular areas that you’ve likely seen on your Instagram feed. Every season the garden has a different vibe.

When the time is right, the wisterias add an extra beauty to the garden. You wouldn’t want to miss it.


a girl posing in the botanical garden in Leuven



In some corners of this beautiful city, you will come across colourfully painted houses. These are without doubt lovely spots to enhance your Instagram pose.

Here are some photos from those streets.

 Lovely Streets of Leuven

a girl walking in the streets in LeuvenColorful Streets of Leuven
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6 Leuven Instagram Spots