Our Story

Leuven is where we established our family life a while ago. The city inspired us to create products that hold sentimental value to the city and reflect memories.

Catchy Sights aims to provide city-illustrated products that are modern, versatile, and unique in design.

Working with a range of artists, Catchy Sights aims to create different collections that are constantly renewed. Each collection, prepared with love and devotion, has a different story.

We desire to inspire everyone who once lived or still lives in Leuven.

Our Principles and Values

We are planning every step of the production meticulously. Using eco-friendly material is a high priority for us. City illustrations are created by professional designers who have themselves experienced life in those cities first-hand.

It is our challenge to reflect our taste in art, aesthetics, and literary values ​​in our products in the best way possible.

We always aim to build partnerships that are long-lasting and sustainable.To promote women's labor from both economical and sociological perspectives, we are working with women cooperatives for handcrafts. This way, everyone who buys our products also gives the same support. 



 In which way we are sustainable?               

  • Replacing all single-use plastics with sustainable options.
  • Encouraging to use of reusable products
  • Cycling is preferable during local deliveries
  • Working with the woman cooperative to support earning income
  • Engage with the local communities to create social benefits
  • Engaging in charitable actions to support the female workforce and increasing solidarity among women by allocating 5-10% of its yearly earnings
  • Using eco-friendly materials (organic cotton, eco-friendly ink, non-acidic paper, etc)
  • Reducing packaging waste 

Leuven Collection ...  #leuvenonlinegiftshop #leuvensouvenior

Leuven is our hometown, so we chose this inspirational city to be first in our catalog. Our inspiration for the Leuven catalog was its historical and modern significance as a university town. While working on our artwork, we want to inspire everyone who once lived or still lives in Leuven.

As the Catchy team, we believe memories need unique triggers to be enjoyed alongside the countless photos we take. A trigger that holds the sentimental value of the city and reflects our own memories.

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