Last month, Yui Watanabe, a graphic design student at Syntra Leuven AB, completed her internship at Catchy, which proved to be a valuable experience for both parties. Working collaboratively as a team, we enjoyed the process and found it to be productive. Yui was a valuable asset to Catchy's 'Visualisation of Brand Identity' project, where she designed the brand identity card and personalized thank-you cards for our brand. We are grateful for her hard work and talent and wish her all the success in her future endeavours.

From Yui:

From Yui:

"A few months ago, I stumbled upon CATCHY's products and was delighted to discover souvenirs of Leuven City for the first time since arriving here as an exchange student. Leuven has become a significant part of my identity, and I wanted to collect some souvenirs that were easily found in other cities, such as postcards, magnets, and notebooks. However, at the time, I had difficulty finding such products in Leuven.
That's when I discovered CATCHY's souvenirs, which feature beautiful illustrations of Leuven City. It's the perfect souvenir shop for anyone who wants to capture their experience in Leuven City. In conclusion, CATCHY is a souvenir shop that showcases Leuven City through great art on its products.
My internship with Catchy was a great experience for me as a beginner designer. It gave me the opportunity to go through the process of creating a tailored design from scratch, exchanging ideas and working together with some great people. "

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