The Leuvense Mannen van 60

Kamerood 60, Leopold Vander Kelenstraat The artwork is one of the most recent sculptures in Leuven. It goes back to the Leuven concept of 'comrade sesteg', the exact meaning of which no one knows yet.

The archers' associations were allowed to have a maximum of 60 members, and each time a member died, a 'white' person was allowed to enter the guild: the 60th member or the 60th comrade. The concept was eagerly adopted by the Leuvense Mannen van 60.

They commissioned Jan Rosseels to dedicate a statue to it. They donated it to the city in 2000 when they all turned 40. The creator made the image glow with the symbolism of an eternally young man full of zest for life.

The finger on the nose indicates a wise nose. The globe at his feet symbolizes illusion, the baby for new life, the snail for slow progress towards old age and the mature man with a bouquet of flowers for 'like to put the flowers outside'.

Barely two months after the inauguration, the statue was badly damaged by vandals. In the neck there are still traces of a chain with which they wanted to tear it loose, using a wagon as pulling material.


(Sources; , photos by Aslı Tezcan 

Kamerood Sesteg