The Church that Stands on the Highest Point of Leuven

St. Micheal's Church (Sint Michielskerk) stands on the highest point in Leuven and is one of the most monumental Baroque churches in Europe. The church was built between 1650 and 1671 for the Jesuit College of Leuven by Jesuit architect Willem Hesius.

The church was almost completely destroyed during the bombardment of the city on the night of 10-11 May 1944. Luckily the frontal facade remained undamaged. The rebuilding of the church was completed in 1950.

In the church, there are many wooden statues of Christ, Our Lady with child, and various saints. The paintings of the calvary stations date from the early and mid 19th century, by different Flemish painters. Several valuable works of art, both statues, and paintings have been given to the Municipal Museum of Leuven for safekeeping.


(Source:, photos by Aslı Tezcan

Saint Michael's Church in Leuven