The former college of the Hoge Heuvel

The former college of the Hoge Heuvel (Huis't Sestich) is located in the Naamsestraat, opposite the Van Dale college, and at the highest point of the center of Leuven.

The college buildings are arranged around a four-sided courtyard: in the north the house De Spiegel (circa 1400), in the south the former chapel of the college, in the east the main wing from 1661 and on the street side, in the west, the gate with side buildings (17th-18th century).

Since 1994, the complex has housed the Faculty of Economics and Applied Economics of KU Leuven. The furnishing of the faculty was completed in 1996 with the completion of the restoration of the De Spiegel house. 



photo by Aslı Tezcan

Huis't Sestich Leuven