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Leuven, a bustling university town, draws in a vibrant crowd of young individuals. One of the city's defining features is its café culture, offering spaces for socializing, reading, and studying. Thankfully, Leuven is home to numerous cozy cafes, making it a standout destination for enthusiasts.

In this blog post, I'll share personal insights and highlight the unique aspects that make Leuven's cafes exceptional. In a general sense, I will focus on what makes them special to me.

This post concentrates on cafes where I've comfortably worked with my laptop. If you're looking for a work-friendly café in Leuven, this curated list is tailored just for you! Dive in and explore the city's most inviting spots to work, relax, and indulge in a delightful coffee experience. 

(Cafe names are in alphabetical order, not in order of preference. )




Barboek Cafe has two locations in Leuven, one of which is situated in Schrijnmakersstraat and the other at Museum M called BarboekM. Both locations boast a cozy atmosphere, with shelves filled with books. If you're looking for a peaceful environment to enjoy a cup of coffee and lose yourself in a good book, two locations are the perfect places for you. The environment is generally calm and quiet. Coffee is always delicious. My favourites are cappuccino and latte. They organise some activities for book lovers, so it is a good idea to follow their social media accounts.


Bar Berlin


Bar Berlin stands out as one of the laptop-friendly cafes in Leuven.
Even though the inside is not big, they have different spots to choose from, like tables, and comfy sofas. It's a nice place where you can enjoy a coffee while getting things done on your laptop.


Cafe Van de Velde 



De Maikerij

De Maikerij

De Maekerij  (praat . smaak . maak /talk . taste . make) is more than just a regular coffee shop; in my opinion, it serves as a hub for community engagement in Leuven. Each month, they offer an array of workshops (mostly in the evening) that provide an opportunity for individuals to learn new skills, connect with new people, and have fun. You can always enjoy your drinks and some delectable treats while you're attending the workshops. The interior decoration is very suitable for working with a laptop, you can work while enjoying the food and drinks on the menu in this relaxing place. 


Elisa Café

If you're a fan of JAVA coffee, then you won't want to miss this charming spot. One of Java's owners, Kathleen Claes, opened the cafe in memory of her grandmother, Elisa.  They serve up freshly roasted coffee in a cosy atmosphere. With the high ceiling, the space feels both bright and elegant. Whenever I stop by, I can't resist pairing my coffee with one of their adorable little desserts.  Working on a laptop in this place is also enjoyable. And if you're looking for a special way to indulge on a Sunday morning, I highly recommend trying their brunch.

As a note; Java coffee, which dates back to 1935, continues to be produced with high-quality, modern methods. I had the chance to visit the coffee roasting facilities in Rotslaan. I was very impressed by their meticulousness and ecological approach to production. 


Koffe en Stall


This café boasts a charming interior design, with fresh flowers on the tables. Even the space is big,  it can be difficult to find a spot during luch time. You can go here with your laptop, except for busy times. Personally, I recommend trying their homemade cakes paired with coffee. As you sip your coffee, you'll notice the solid wood chairs that surround you even on the wall (!), all of them made by the owner of cafe to sell. As far as I learn, it is possible to host a party, reception, or workshop on a Sunday here.


Komfort coffee & wine 

Discover Komfort Cafe in the Vartkom area, a hidden gem among the cozy cafes of the city. This charming spot boasts an inviting interior decoration that combines style with comfort, making it an ideal place for both work and relaxation. Its large windows flood the space with natural light and offer a delightful view, enhancing the overall ambiance. Don't miss out on trying their signature pistachio cake and coffee—both are guaranteed to energize your work session. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a cake enthusiast, Kom Cafe promises a delightful experience with every visit.




Pause amidst your meetings and study projects, finding the tranquil ambience of KUp bar for a kup of coffee. Nestled within the grandeur of KU Leuven University halls, this cafe offers a space for both meet-ups with colleagues and solitary study sessions. The interior steeped in history and inspiration. Simply settle in with a delightful cup of Onan coffee and focus on your study. Please keep quite . 


Le Mustache

le mustache

If you're a student in Leuven and just in need of a laptop-friendly cafe, then you'll want to check out this favorite spot. Spacious lounge, comfortable tables and armchairs ideal for working environment. Here has a relaxing ambiance.They consistently deliver good service and their coffee is tasty. On some Sundays, they even offer a mouth-watering brunch with a variety of food and drink options . Try your chance. 


Mad Mum

Mad Mum café is a well-known brand in Leuven, with multiple locations around the city. Their own roastery coffee is a good choice. The interior designs of all Mad Mums café  are inviting, but my personal favourite is the one at the Hungaria building on the waterfront of the  Vaartkom region. A modern-designed cafe in the modern part of the city. It sounds good, doesn’t it? Here is quite spacious, making it a great spot to spend time with your laptop. On a sunny day, enjoy your coffee and a delicious dessert from their menu while sitting by the water. 


MOK Café

Another very well-known cafe in Leuven is the MOK cafe. They roast their own coffee. It is possible also to taste MOK coffee in some other cafes in Leuven. Personally, I love its peaceful and cosy atmosphere. If I need a place where I need to work with full concentration, I prefer sitting inside at the back. I usually order 'coffe the day' to explore different taste.  The terrace is also very enjoyable in good weather to chat with a friend. 


Noir Coffeebar

noir cafe

Noir Cafe is a go-to spot for people looking for a laptop-friendly cafe in Leuven. If you need a cosy spot to sip on a coffee and catch up on emails or assignments, then Noir Cafe is the perfect place for you. The space is big. There are different size of tables that convenient for to work.They produce their own coffee. I mostly drink cappuccino. And speaking of cappuccinos, they truly practice the art. Every cappuccino comes out looking different, but each one is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


ONan coffee

ONAN speciality coffee shop is a well-known name in Leuven, renowned for its authentic coffee and tea. Whether it's summer or winter, it's always full of people people sipping coffee on the front terrace. The interior space is not large, but it is enjoyable to spend time with your book or laptop. They offer a variety of coffee and tea produced by them. You can simply select the one you prefer from the shelves. It is also possible to taste Onan coffee at some of the other cafes around.  I had the pleasure of meeting the owners and visiting their roastery in Leuven. Their passion and expertise in the coffee industry were evident as they eagerly shared their knowledge with me.  


Ricki Koffie & Boek


The Ricki café in Kessel-Lo has fika-style concept. Fika, a Scandinavian term refers to taking the time to share a cup of coffee (or tea) and a small snack with friends and colleagues.  This concept fits my lifestyle very well:). This cafe is very cute. There are shelves full of second-hand books that add to the warm and inviting atmosphere. Their terrace is just as charming as the interior. I could easily spend hours here, enjoying my coffee and a good book. 


Swarte Hond 


Swartehond is one of the popular laptop-friendly cafes in Leuven that offers a cozy atmosphere and a wide selection of drinks. The terrace of the cafe is especially enjoyable on sunny days. Not just for the working on your laptop,  if you're in need of a place to have a quick meeting with your colleague or catch up with friends Swartehond is a great choice. And when it comes to ordering drinks, my go-to is always a Chai latte - it never disappoints.



Dated; October 2023, By Aslı Tezcan 

15 Work-Friendly Cafes in Leuven