A Leuvenaar Duck That Brings Good Fortune

The bronze duck (De Dijle Eend)  is a work by sculptor Rene Rosseel and was made in 2003.

The Dijle eend drinking fountain was designed by the resident’s association of Redingenstraat and commissioned wanted Rene Rosseel to beautify the neighborhood.

The duck is supposed to bring good fortune. For this aim, you have to rub its back three times and gasp its tail with your little finger. After that, you must walk around the fountain to the black knob on the ground and press it. You then drink from the fountain and make a silent wish.

It is located in Redingenstraat.

(Source: Leuven Architecture and Sculpture, Published on Feb 16, 2013, Toerisme Vlaanderen), photo by Aslı Tezcan 


A Leuvenaar Duck That Brings Good Fortune