Our Collaborations

Collaboration with woman entrepreneurs for new artistic products!

"At Catchy, collaboration is more than a value—it's a heartbeat. We're on a journey to partner with visionary women entrepreneurs who, like us, are dedicated to the art of creation and production. Our goal is to forge lasting connections, co-creating unique design products with meaningful narratives. Every day, we broaden our collaborative horizons, understanding that as we collaborate with more entrepreneurs, we collectively amplify our impact. Together, we're not just creating products; we're building a community and growing stronger.

Join us as we revisit the milestones of our collaborative journey from day one..."


Year 2024

When I found products of CATCHY, it was for me the first time to see souvenirs of Leuven city, and it was what I was longing for since I came here for the first time...

We met Yui Watanabe during her internship with Catchy last year. We had a very enjoyable working process. Yui's themed drawing adventure, which started with us and was about daily life in Leuven, resulted in a large postcard series. We think you will like this series, in which everyone who visits Leuven will find a scene from their daily life. We would like to thank to Yui once more time for her colloboration with us. 

 Leuven Oude Markt


Collaboration with Catchy is a chance to express my love for this charming town...

A product with city map illustrations is more than just decorative elements; they are a celebration of place and memory. In other words, city maps are a kind of tangible connection to the cities we hold dear. We learned that Anna (@kiki_nordstrom_art) designed a Leuven map illustration a while ago with this in mind. Her alluring Leuven map work inspired us to add new products to our gift catalogue. We were very impressed by Anna's passion for creating and we hope to collaborate with her in the future. 

From Anna, 

I'm a professional creative with a knack for illustration, stationery, and product design. My artistic projects centre around whimsical details of the natural world and the tranquil harmony of everyday living, aiming to capture a sense of warmth and calm. From a young age, art has been my passion, helping me to foster connections with myself, other people and the world around me. A few years ago, I made Leuven my home, and this charming city has become a wellspring of joy and inspiration. I find my muse in all its cosy nooks and corners, especially in the town's architectural beauty and the natural wonders of the Botanical Garden.  I couldn't be more excited to start a collaboration with Catchy! It's a chance to express my love for this charming town and its welcoming community. I hope my creations will reflect the magic of this truly special place and invite others to explore its wonders.

Leuven coffee mug


 I love the idea that I can help capture someones dear memories in the form of a drawing on paper...

We got to know Misao (@misao_illustration) thanks to her interest in Catchy's products. After we saw her drawings about Leuven, we thought we should definitely prepare a product series and we implemented this idea. Each of her drawings has a different emotional depth. We thank her very much for cooperating with us.

From Misao..

Our collaboration started when my order on Catchy Sights was personally delivered to my address. As they made a special arrangement for the delivery, I gave them a postcard with my landscape painting of Leuven as a small token of appreciation.  I make, besides free artwork, drawings for expats in Leuven who treasure memories of their time in the town. I listen to stories about them and their Leuven and depict those narratives with graphite pencils.While this visual storytelling is very personal, my collaboration with Catchy Sights means a conversation with a broad public about Leuven. This little city has offered me a lot since I came to Belgium to study art decades ago. Im happy to have this opportunity to do something back for Leuven as an artist, with Catchy Sights with whom I share the same warm feelings for the town.


Year 2023;

I draw immense inspiration from the vibrant atmosphere of Leuven...

We knew that Elise's lino print posters were a hit (@printbyliske) . That's why we were so happy to include her artworks in our Leuven poster collection. Rest assured, each poster will add a different beauty to your space. We thank her for cooperating with Catchy!.

From Elisa ,

I draw immense inspiration from the vibrant atmosphere of Leuven, particularly its stunning architecture. Creating lino prints is incredibly captivating. Each carve adds detail to the image, making it gradually come alive. The first transfer onto paper, revealing the print for the very first time, is always an exciting moment. I really appreciate the plaftorm that Catchy provides for artists from Leuven to present their work. 

Leuven map


Leila Mammadova

...Collaborating with Catchy has been a wonderful opportunity to develop my skills

 Leuven postcard

"When we laid eyes on Leila's (@leilarmammad) watercolor drawings, we were impressed by her artistic talent. Her artwork, particularly the pieces inspired by Leuven, captured our admiration. Bringing Leuven under the wings of the angels was a brilliant concept. We are delighted to introduce our new postcard series, specially crafted for Christmas. Thank you for this wonderful collaboration.
From Leyla, 
"Being able to create has always brought an immense sense of joy to me, with people, places, and thoughts being the main source of inspiration. Leuven, where I met some of the greatest people, watched some of the nicest sunsets, and felt so much love, has easily become yet another source of inspiration. Collaborating with Catchy has been a wonderful opportunity to develop my skills as well as share my perspective of the town that has a special place in my heart. Thanks to Asli for her incredible contribution to the creative process and ability to listen and guide. I'm looking forward to many upcoming collaborations to come with a sprinkle of stars!"

Christmas postcard


 Anne Servaes

... I wanted to create some sort of playful map to honour the Leuven city.


We met Anne while we were planning a product designed with the Leuven map. We loved this fun and colorful interpretation of the Leuven map.  We did not miss this opportunity and offered Anne cooperation. We are very happy to add such a special product, book sleeve,  to our limited catalogue. Thanks, Anne Servaes (@anneservaes) for collaborating with us.

From Anne...

Hi! My name is Anne, and I started illustrating a few years ago. I started digitally drawing the things around me that I loved. As an inhabitant of Leuven for many years, I wanted to create some sort of playful map to honour the city. Soon enough, my friends were telling my that they wanted to buy my stuff, which made me realise that maybe other people liked my creations as well. That’s how I eventually met the beautiful people of Cathy Sights, and I’m so proud to collaborate now with them.

Leuven gift


Maireyee Bhattacharya

....Every sculpture tells a story...                                   

Sculptures represent many aspects of society and are thus excellent for symbolism. They not only inform us about the details of that region but also reveal the historical and cultural importance of that place. Also, there is no doubt that they serve as additions to the beauty around us by transforming a space into an art scene.

Story of Collaboration, from Aslı..

Linda Lim, Maireyee Bhattacharya and I met each other at an Art-Meetup in the beautiful botanical garden in Leuven. They both had very impressive drawing skills and this gave me the  idea of a cooperation. Then we started sharing ideas over cups of coffee, or while walking around the city.  We are connected by our love for Leuven, enthusiasm for designing simple and creative things that carries a personal touch, and a passion to share it with everyone out there.

Thank you Linda for valuable contribution to this project and thank you Maireyee for the very lovely illustrations!.  

From Maiyere..

“Making art and crafts has always been a source of joy for me. As an artist, I keep on exploring. I like to doodle on memories and that is how I was first attracted to the ‘Story of Catchy’. It was a great pleasure for me to be a part of its projects. We worked on four elegant lady-statues of Leuven. With their graceful appearance, they enrich the beauty of the city and attract the attention of any passerby. I wanted to recreate that feeling in the illustrations. Linda and Asli encouraged me throughout this journey. They both shared their views and concepts which I admire a lot. Linda guided me, and Asli offered freedom. Well, we worked as a team, and it is now more than a collaboration.”



Year 2022

  Leen Sevens

  ....Leuven is my personal love letter to a city 


An urban sketch is a spontaneous drawing of buildings, streets, marketplaces or monuments based on the impression they leave on the artist. Leuven has been an inspiration to many sketchers and Leen is one of them. Her style and competence impress us. Therefore, we decided to do a collaboration to design special products with her illustrations.

Thank you Leen Sevens (@fabledfoxx)  for sharing your beautiful Leuven sketches with us!

From Leen;

"Being able to collaborate with Catchy and capturing the beauty of famous landmarks in Leuven is my personal love letter to a city I fell in love with many years ago. Learning about Catchy's vision and mission, I couldn't be more excited to share my passion for the vibrant university city I decided to work and live in. Not only does Catchy prioritize eco-friendly and sustainable products, they also promote collaborations with young, female artists who have themselves experienced life in Leuven first-hand. Meeting Asli and her team have been an amazing opportunity for me to develop my skills as a local urban sketcher and to get to know my beautiful city on a microscopic scale - being amazed by every brick, roof tile and sculpture."


Seren Teke 

... My surroundings are my inspiration for my daily drawings...                         

Leuven is a student city. Students working in the library, students taking a lunch break in the park, students trying to catch up with their bikes. etc, all of them are common sights in this city.

While collaborating with Seren Teke , we asked her to make drawings inspired by these landscapes. And, she conveyed her own unique perspective in her drawings and created illustrations called  'On the Move' and 'Mindful Pause' .
We love the outcome and we hope you will love it too!

From Seren...

“As an illustrator, my surroundings are my inspiration for my daily drawings. Because I lived and studied in Leuven, it was nice to make illustrations about Leuven as a background. As we decided with the Catchy team. I prepared two illustrations which depict snippets from the students' daily routines. I am very curious about the product. Thank you Catchy very much for this pleasant cooperation!” 



Mary Cate 

I wanted to bring some of my favorite Leuven moments to life on the block...                                                                     

 For this collaboration, we will be using Mary's linocut prints based on her perspective of Leuven in our upcoming products. As it is mentioned, the prints will be presenting her favourite moments of the city such as snacking on fries, eating waffles with friends etc. 

From Mary Cate 

"Four years ago, I spontaneously bought some linocut materials from my local art supply store and began to teach myself the craft of stamp- and print-making. I quickly fell in love with this medium and the possibilities that it offers. These blocks can be used to capture meaningful moments, explore new feelings and ideas, or to play with new designs. In the series that I created for Catchy Sights, I wanted to bring some of my favorite Leuven moments to life on the block – from peaceful walks through Sint-Donatuspark or the Grote Markt, to snacking on frites and Luikse wafels with friends. Like the blocks, these memories were often replicated (I enjoyed many a wafel and walk in my time) but also unique. That's one thing that makes block-printing so special – it duplicates without taking away from the originality of each piece you create. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed creating it! "




 YEAR 2021                                                      

Who is Hannah Davidoff? 

"I reconnected with my artistic side a few years ago when I decided to try something new and add a little colour to my typically monotone pen drawings. Since then, I pick up my pens and brushes when the beauty of the world inspires me or when I decide the world needs more beauty."

What is the collaboration? 

This collaboration between Catchy and Hannah derived from the shared interest in the creation of Leuven landmark related products. Hannah's original drawing on her souvenir cards which depicts some of the most known places in Leuven such as Great Market Square, City Hall, Old Market created a huge interest in us. Therefore, we took the step to share her talent with our customers by putting her work on our website.