The Romanesque Gate in Leuven

The Romanesque gate from 1218-1222 is the only remnant of the Sint-Elisabethgasthuis, which was founded here around 1080-1090 under Henry III, Count of Leuven. After a fire in 1363 and a major reorganization at the end of the 15th century, the guest house was given an almost completely new building stock.

The Romanesque gate now provides access to the cultural center.

The Romanesque gate has a round arch portal made of white sandstone and dark gray Doronik limestone, with rich carvings from the early 13th century.

The carriage house has recently been restored into a concert and theater hall. There are kitchens and work and living rooms of the sisters from the 17th-18th century. The classicist refectory was repainted in its original hues. The stairwell leading to the attic is decorated with stucco seed beads and wood carvings. The 'Monseigneurskwartier' is covered with gilt leather and painted linen.


(Source:, photos by Aslı Tezcan 

The Romanesque Gate in Leuven