What Time is it Meester Jan?

Meester Jan - Sint Pieters KlokkenluiderThe Leuven Jacquemart (mechanical statues striking bells) was called 'Meester Jan' and was constructed in 1381. In 1573 it finally came to grief under the influence of wind and weather, together with part of the tower.

Spurred on by 'Campanae Lovanienses' and KBC Insurances. Meester Jan was reborn in 1998. The 2,35 meter tall gilded statue by Willy Peeters now provides a superb pinnacle for the Grote Markt (Great Market) of Leuven .

Meester Jan indicates the correct time every 15 minutes with his clocks.

 (Source: Leuven Architecture and Sculpture, Published on Feb 16, 2013, Toerisme Vlaanderen), Photo by Aslı Tezcan 
Sint Pieters Kerk, Meester Jan