A Symbolist poet, Albert Giraud

Real name Émile Albert Kayenberg, Albert Giraud was born on June 23, 1860, in Leuven, into a family of merchants. He studied law at the University of Leuven. He left university without a degree and took up journalism and poetry.

In 1885, Giraud became a member of La Jeune Belgique, a Belgian nationalist literary movement that met at the Café Sésino in Brussels. He was a Symbolist poet. His published works include Pierrot lunaire: Rondels bergamasques (1884), a poem cycle based on the commedia dell'arte figure of Pierrot, and La Guirlande des Dieux (1910).

Albert Giraud died suddenly on December 26, 1929. For several years, he had been the librarian of the Ministry of the Interior.

The statue of Giraud is located in Stads park in Leuven.

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A Symbolist poet, Albert Giraud