Our Values

OUR MISSION  is to reflect cities' historical corners and daily scenes on high-quality products while taking great consideration towards the environment and social responsibilities. 
OUR VISION is to produce the most aesthetic and creative souvenir products that speak to every taste.

Our Principles and Values



In which way we are sustainable?               

  • Replacing all single-use plastics with sustainable options.

  • Encouraging to use of reusable products

  • Cycling is preferable during local deliveries

  • Working with the woman cooperatives to support them in way of earning income

  • Engaging with the local communities, entrepreneurs, and artists to create social benefits

  • Engaging in charitable actions to support the female workforce and increasing solidarity among women by allocating 5-10% of its yearly earnings

  • Using eco-friendly materials as possible as  (organic cotton, eco-friendly ink, non-acidic paper, etc).

  • Reducing packaging waste