A Tiny Yellow Balcony in Leuven

Numerous works of art have literally been integrated into the provincial house: the most eye-catching is of course the yellow balcony, clearly visible to everyone on the sidewall of the provincial house, by the Austrian artist Aglaia Konrad.

The visitor to the balcony, mainly staff, is both an observer and an object viewed. For the users, the balcony is of course a potential meeting point and a great motivation to enjoy the fresh air for a while. The artist was explicitly not looking for an object that would be in harmony with the building, but an 'obviously attached, visible function of something 'different''. In this way, the architectural aesthetics of the building are also respected.

Symbolic ornament or social sculpture, 'the Balcony' will always visibly express the relationship between government and population.


Source: Photo by Aslı Tezcan

A Tiny Yellow Balcony in Leuven