The Longest Bar in Europe: Oude Markt Leuven

The Old Market Square ( Oude Markt) is a rectangular area in the center of Leuven that consists largely of cafes, bars, and restaurants. The Oude Markt is famous to be the longest bar in Europe.

Buildings decorated with heraldic banners and with attractive architecture surround the square.  Here is a popular spot for students as well as the locals to enjoy numerous terraces, especially on sunny days.

Oude Markt


In the past, as the residence city of the Counts of Leuven, the square received market law in 1150, when the first stone wall was built, which led to the development of economic activities. A market was held up to three times a week. Parts of the square escaped the bombing of the two world wars.

The Oude Markt also houses the classicist wing of the university hall. The KU Leuven library was located here until its destruction in 1914. 

Oude Markt Tote Bag


There are two water pumps in the Oude Markt: the Sint-Janspomp, which still functions, and the College-pump, a relic from 1724. 


(Source:, Photo by Aslı Tezcan

Oude Markt of Leuven